It is a great pleasure to announce the International Conference Science and Innovation in Peanuts 2023 (SIP-2023), to be held virtually online November 29 and 30, 2023, from the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

The peanut sector, located mainly in the Province of Córdoba, is one of the most relevant Argentinean regional economies. The production of peanuts and peanut oil in Córdoba represent, respectively, more than 80% and 100% of the total produced in the country, and the promotion of this event is part of the actions of the Scientific and Technological Network of the Argentinean Peanut to strengthen the global positioning of this sector, explore and update trends and new axes of technological development and new peanut-based products.

SIP-2023 is a forum to promote knowledge exchange within the international peanut scientific community through conferences, symposiums, and posters. In addition, the performance of the discussion groups will help to strengthen and expand collaborative efforts among the actors that work in R&D with a focus on five areas: 1) Genomics, Genetics, and Breeding; 2) Crop Protection and Bio-inputs; 3) Sustainability; 4) Healthy food; 5) Precision Agriculture.

The organization of this International Conference represents the continuity of the efforts made by the provincial government, the science and technology institutions located in the region, and the business sector articulated since 2016 in the Scientific and Technological Network of the Argentinean Peanut, to use knowledge and innovation as promoters of the sustainability and competitiveness of a regional economy with global projection, such as the peanut industry.

For this reason, we welcome exhibitors, speakers, companies, and researchers in advance. We hope your presence at the event will allow you to create collaborative networks that promote the development of knowledge and technologies for this crop of such global relevance.

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